Dates for 2017

We are already very much looking forward to our new school year and we aim to build on our many accomplishments of 2016. 

The first day of school in 2017 is Wednesday, 1st February. School starts at 9am and we look forward to welcoming everyone back.

If you would like to pop in early, talk to the Principal and collect our enrolment pack [which is also on the website], you would be most welcome. Our school’s Main Office will be open from 10am on Monday, January 30th , 2017.

About Simon McGowan

Hello everyone. I am the new Principal at Opua School and am delighted to be so. I arrived in New Zealand in 1999, after teaching in the UK for 13 years, and very soon became the Deputy Principal at Bay of Islands College. I finished there at the end of 2012 after being appointed as the Principal of the best little school in the universe. I feel so privileged and very excited.
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