School Staff


Principal                           Simon McGowan

Deputy Principal             Margaret Lange            Year 7 & 8                 Room 5

Teacher                             Karen Young                  Year 5 & 6                Room 4

Teacher                             Linda Worthington     Year 3 & 4                Room 3

Teacher                             Ineka Halse                     Year 1 & 2                 Room 2

Teacher                             Juliette Ridge                  Reception class     Room 1

Office                                 Maree  Caswell

Caretaker                         Denny Ututaonga

General Teacher Aide   Paula Nobbs

Teaching Assistant:       Michelle Wynyard

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  1. Manaia Farrelly says:

    Hi my name is Manaia and I’m trying to get in touch with the principal to apply for the teacher aide Job the email address he provided keeps bouncing back and I was hoping there was another email address I could have to send through my CV. Thank You Heapa

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