Rocky Shore trip 2017

What a dramatic day it was! Great excitement was caused even before we had left Opua with our bus being unable to get onto the Okiato ferry! The children dealt with this unexpected event very well indeed, despite all having to file off the bus to lighten it, and have an extra paragraph to add into their descriptive writing about their day’s experiences!

We had to go to a quickly designed alternative plan and we ended up at Bayly’s Beach which turned out to be very giving and a wonderful back up. Many, many thanks to all the parents and caregivers who came along to help. Without you, this event would be impossible to put on. You are all very much appreciated. My thanks also to the teachers who attended and put it such effort to make a challenging and eventful day very worthwhile for the children and their learning!

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Opua School Regatta and Community Event, 2017

Wow, what a fantastic Sunday we have just had. Our annual Opua School Regatta was a joyful event that was very well attended and superbly organised.

Central to the success of the day was our wonderful PTA parent helpers. A special mention must go to Ben who worked tirelessly in co-ordinating this, our school’s main fundraiser. I want to unreservedly thank him and all the other wonderful parent helpers who invested so much of their own time into supporting the school and this important event. You are all very much appreciated. My thanks also to the teachers who supported the PTA 100% in all their efforts.

There were many fun events and, this year, a particular thank you to Opua Cruising Club for organising a sailing regatta in the afternoon for our young, wannabe sailors. [Big thanks to Gary Hack], to our mayor the Honourable John Carter QSO for being such an excellent MC of the event and, as always, to our very many wonderful sponsors without whom this event would not be possible. Many thanks for your generosity.

If you would like to view some pictures of the event, please go to our Home page, click on ‘Student Work and Activities’ > Special Events > The 2017 Opua School Regatta. Enjoy!

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Our new trustee

Many congratulations to Michelle Wynyard, Mark and Benji’s mum, who has been selected by our Board of Trustees to fill the Casual Vacancy on our Board that arose following Mel Going’s departure at the end of last year.

Everyone knows of Michelle’s connection with and commitment to this school and we have, therefore, no doubts that she will be an excellent trustee. We are all looking forward to working even more closely with her as she takes up this new role.

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Family Fun Night and Informal Board Open Forum

Everyone is welcome to come along to the Family Fun Night/BBQ that we are having next Tuesday from 5pm to 7pm. We will have the pool and sport shed open and we will be putting on a sausage sizzle (for a gold coin donation). You will also have the opportunity to have a look through the classrooms, see your children’s Term 1 work so far and have a chat to the teachers. It is a wonderful way to meet new parents and catch up with old friends while the children have a good time.

The event is also a way for parents to have a chat with our trustees about any school business in this informal setting. This year our Board is still aiming at having 2 formal and 2 informal Open Forums during the year with this evening being one of those informal opportunities to meet and chat.

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Room 1 and 2 mural and other wonderful additions

Please everyone, pop around to Rooms 1 and 2 to have a look at the AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL mural  that the pupils made at the end of last year. Great job children as well as Mrs Halse and Ms Ridge of course!

Also, a huge thank you to Mrs Halse and her mum, Rosemary, for all the incredible extra effort put in to adding vibrant areas and activities to the Junior area over the summer holiday. You are both most appreciated.

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2017 Enrolment

If you are considering enrolling your child / children at Opua School, our 2017 Welcome Pack and all the necessary enrolment forms are now on our website for your assistance. Simply, click on the ‘Enrolment’ tab, then the ‘Regular Student Enrolment’ link and, at the bottom of my message the Welcome Pack and enrolment forms are available to be downloaded.

Please remember, first day back at school is Wednesday, 1st February.

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Dates for 2017

We are already very much looking forward to our new school year and we aim to build on our many accomplishments of 2016. 

The first day of school in 2017 is Wednesday, 1st February. School starts at 9am and we look forward to welcoming everyone back.

If you would like to pop in early, talk to the Principal and collect our enrolment pack [which is also on the website], you would be most welcome. Our school’s Main Office will be open from 10am on Monday, January 30th , 2017.

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Prizegiving, 2016

These photos are now posted on our website! Many thanks to Gyanne’s dad, Denis – the images are fantastic. Go to the tab ‘Student Work and Activities’, rest your cursor on ‘Special Events’ and click on ‘Prizegiving Evening, 2016’.


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Christmas Parade, 2016.

Photos now published! Click on the Student Work and Activities tab; then Special Events; then Christmas Parade 2016; Under the Sea.

Wow, what an amazing Friday – a wonderful, joyful parade ending with…first place and a trophy for the Community Float category in the annual Christmas Parade! There are simply just too many people to thank but a particular mention must go to Michele Wilson, Tui’s mummy, for being our inspiration. You drove this and we thank you deeply for all your time and effort. Much appreciation must also go to the Bay of Islands College students who came with you to school on a number of occasions to help you design and assemble our incredible interpretation of ‘Under the Sea’.

Many thanks also to all our wonderful sponsors and suppliers of materials, to Paul for driving the float, to our PTA for your support with the float and the barbecue and to all the parents and caregivers who chipped in and prepared their children for this memorable float around Paihia.

Finally, well done to our children – you were incredible. You were creative, full of Christmas cheer and you clearly had a great time. It was the best attended parade that I have attended and you should all be very proud of yourselves and your school.

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Graduation Ball 2016 photos

These are now posted on our website! Go to the tab ‘Student Work and Activities’, rest your cursor on ‘Special Events’ and click on ‘Graduation Ball 2016’.


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