Christmas Parade, 2016.

Photos now published! Click on the Student Work and Activities tab; then Special Events; then Christmas Parade 2016; Under the Sea.

Wow, what an amazing Friday – a wonderful, joyful parade ending with…first place and a trophy for the Community Float category in the annual Christmas Parade! There are simply just too many people to thank but a particular mention must go to Michele Wilson, Tui’s mummy, for being our inspiration. You drove this and we thank you deeply for all your time and effort. Much appreciation must also go to the Bay of Islands College students who came with you to school on a number of occasions to help you design and assemble our incredible interpretation of ‘Under the Sea’.

Many thanks also to all our wonderful sponsors and suppliers of materials, to Paul for driving the float, to our PTA for your support with the float and the barbecue and to all the parents and caregivers who chipped in and prepared their children for this memorable float around Paihia.

Finally, well done to our children – you were incredible. You were creative, full of Christmas cheer and you clearly had a great time. It was the best attended parade that I have attended and you should all be very proud of yourselves and your school.

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Graduation Ball 2016 photos

These are now posted on our website! Go to the tab ‘Student Work and Activities’, rest your cursor on ‘Special Events’ and click on ‘Graduation Ball 2016’.


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Lonsdale Park photos

These are now posted on our website! Go to the tab ‘Student Work and Activities’, rest your cursor on ‘Special Events’ and click on ‘Lonsdale Park Room 5 Camp’.


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Thank you Muritere and Keenan!

We have begun a revamping of our school’s kapahaka routine. We are very lucky to have the expertise of Muritere [Kotahi’s mummy] and Keenan [who also works with the kapahaka group from Russell School] helping us on Fridays from 12 to 1pm. The children are really enjoying this new learning and it is very exciting to watch a new routine beginning to come together. Many, many thanks to both Muritere and Keenan for giving us their time and expertise so willingly.

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Thank You, TJ!

Room 4 would like to say a huge “THANK YOU” to TJ Diepeveen. He has been assisting them in bringing together their entry for the Fair Go ad awards. We are so very lucky to have had someone of TJ’s expertise spend so much time helping us and we can’t wait to see the final product.

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Welcome back to new playground facilities!

I hope everyone had a very pleasant holiday. We are straight back into it and this is already panning out to be a very busy term with lots of varied learning experiences and activities planned for. Enjoy! Of particular interest to the children [and many of the adults!] are the three new additions to our playground facilities and the improvements to existing structures. We have:

  1. A new, more interesting enclosed slide on the original playground to replace the one that was splitting.
  2. A new rock climbing wall. This will have a cargo net also appear very soon on the other side.
  3. Freshly treated and painted metal components throughout this playground. These were dismantled and taken to Whangarei for this work to be done – thank you so much to Ben, Helen and Denny. MOST appreciated.
  4. And…the biggest new attraction…The Great Opua Slide down the side of Room 2! This is in position but not yet ready for use. We have to complete the entry and exit areas [approximately a week’s worth of work] and we will then have a grand opening for the children.

We have more ideas for expansion planned. Watch this space…!

Thank you very much to all the PTA and supporters of the school who have contributed in the last three years to get us to this point. The children – always central to what we do – are very, very excited and happy.

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Sharing Assembly Change

A reminder that, following feedback in our recent parent survey, we have shifted our Sharing Assemblies to 2pm on Fridays. Hopefully, this later time will allow for more parents to be able to pop in and see their children share their work. Each week we will promote which House will be sharing their work. Tomorrow all Kowhai House children will share their work and, as is common, all of Room 1. Hopefully, we will get through everyone and have our usual couple of songs and trophies and awards presentations in the designated one hour!

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Room 4’s Fair Go! Advertisement

Room 4 have been working very intensively and creatively on their environmental advertisement for the Fair Go! Programme. The children have loved this activity and have learned an incredible amount, especially about the creative art of producing a short piece of video. Many thanks to Karen for her inspiration and to TJ, Lizzie and Annie’s daddy, who has spent much time sharing his professional expertise in piecing together the scenes into a final product. Also, thank you to all the parents who have contributed and supported this activity along the way. Finally, congratulations to the children…what an accomplishment that you should be very proud of.

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Opua School Art Show

The Opua School Art Show opened on Wednesday night, September 21st,  at The Opua Gallery on the wharf. It was a wonderful evening and our children’s art and talent was centre stage. The quality of art that has been produced by all our children across all rooms in the school is staggering. It is a “Must See” event and I encourage everyone to take some time out to pop down and view the show. 

Firstly, I would like to thank Charlotte Scott for coming up with this fantastic concept and offer to me many months ago now. Her vision for showcasing our children’s art and the offer of her gallery for free were very, very much appreciated. Thanks must also go to Far North Holdings Ltd. for supporting her offer to us and our free use of their premises. My thanks and congratulations must also go to Linda Worthington who has put many hours into not only mounting and displaying much of the art but also inspiring our children in their art. Further congratulations to all our teachers who have, with Linda, guided our children on their pathway to producing artistic excellence at such tender ages! Finally, as always, many thanks to our PTA and support staff who have worked, under Ben’s guidance, collaboratively and with great enthusiasm, to help us present the art, get the show ready to open and man the show over a series of weeks up to mid October.

What a superb team effort!

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A special goodbye

On Thursday, September 22nd, we said the fondest of goodbyes to Brody and Harlem Going. Both boys have made a wonderful impression on everyone connected with Opua School. They are excellent students, superb athletes and two of the nicest souls. They leave happiness wherever they go and we are all blessed that they have spent so long with us sharing their qualities in true Opua School fashion. We wish them all the very best in their new schools on the outskirts of Auckland and know that they will be successful and that we will hear of them and see them again in the future.

With typical Going family generosity, at assembly on Thursday all the children – 105 of them – were given a goodbye gingerbread man each to enjoy.  Thank you so much Brody, Harlem and, of course, mummy and daddy. We will miss you.

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