Sharing assemblies

Fridays  9.45am

Sharing Assemblies are an important feature of our school, promoting and exemplifying our ‘caring and sharing’ ethos.

On Fridays at 9.45am, each room shows and describes to the rest of the school some of the work they have been doing during the week. Typically, all children in Room 1 will show their work and those in one of the four Houses (on a weekly rotation) from the other rooms.

Older students run the assemblies and help the younger children present their work. Parents are most welcome and, indeed, encouraged to attend, as the assemblies give an insight into many aspects of the school.

There are numerous benefits from these assemblies but some of the most important are:

  • The older children gain experience of leadership and develop their sense of manaakitanga me te awhina.
  • Children see that their work is valued and of interest to others.
  • Children are given an opportunity to express themselves and develop confident public speaking from an early age.
  • A strong sense of community is fostered and reinforced.
  • The assemblies help children to exercise and expand their levels of attention, concentration, and focus.
  • Younger children see the work of older children in other rooms and thus gain a sense of how their own learning and achievement will develop.