ERO report

The latest ERO report was published in 2015. Click on this link to view the full report:  September 2015 ERO Confirmed Report . Extracts [direct quotes] from the report are set out below:

  1. “During the review ERO observed settled classrooms and high levels of student engagement.”
  2. “A particular strength of the school is the strong tuakana / teina relationships evident in older students supporting their younger peers.”
  3. “School leaders use achievement data to monitor the progress of students, particularly in reading, writing and mathematics. They also use this information to identify students who require additional support.”
  4. “Parents are well informed about the children’s progress and achievement through twice yearly comprehensive written reports, parent teacher conferences and informal contact with their children’s teachers.”
  5. “…at the end of 2014, a significant majority of students, including Maori, achieved at or above the National Standards in reading, writing and mathematics. These results indicate that the school is meeting the Government’s target of having 85% of students achieving at or above the National Standards.”
  6. “The school provides a broad curriculum that places appropriate priority on literacy and mathematics. Particular features of the school’s curriculum include: the use of real-life learning contexts; opportunities for students to develop their leadership skills; a meaningful focus on the environment and sustainability.”
  7. “Students enjoy many opportunities to develop their creativity in music, visual arts and dance.”
  8. “Classrooms are attractive and well resourced.”
  9. “The school supports students to experience safe physical challenge in playground activities and education outside the classroom programmes.”
  10. “Students have access to an appropriate range of resources including computer technology. ERO observed teachers using a wide range of strategies that promote student engagement in learning.”
  11. “Maori students’ sense of culture and identity is promoted by the active involvement of a respected kaumatua who teaches te reo Maori in each class and acts as a resource person for the principal and teachers, regular…celebration of events that are important for Maori, active participation of whanau and members of the wider community in sharing their knowledge and expertise with students and the inclusion of some aspects of Tikanga Maori in school ceremonies and events.”
  12. “The principal is committed to ongoing school improvement and works with teachers, parents and families.”

and their overall conclusion:

“Students at Opua School receive a broad curriculum that places appropriate priority on literacy and numeracy. Students spoken to by ERO said they enjoy school and the wide range of learning experiences available. Trustees are committed to continuing the positive development of the school. ERO is likely to carry out the next review in three years.”