The Opua Olympics 2016

Today we got into the Rio spirit and had Opua Olympics Day! What an amazing occurrence. Thank you to everyone for the spirit and incredible engagement. Many thanks to the parents / supporters who were able to cheer on our Olympians, to the Room 5 leaders who were simply amazing and help everything run smoothly and to the teachers for their enthusiasm, organisational skills and their energy in helping put this event on for the children.

The children competed in: The Javelin  [actually a gumboot!]; The Marathon; The Shot Put; Basketball; Hockey; Archery [actually throwing a beanbag to our numbered targets!]; The Hurdles; and The High Jump and Long jump.

We also, at the start, had the Olympic Oath, the parade of the athletes and a wonderful Olympics Play written and performed by Room 5 with help from Room 4. At the end of the games we had a tug-of-war and the medal ceremony!

Enjoy the images below:


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