Thank you Muritere and Keenan!

We have begun a revamping of our school’s┬ákapahaka routine. We are very lucky to have the expertise of Muritere [Kotahi’s mummy] and Keenan [who also works with the kapahaka group from Russell School] helping us on Fridays from 12 to 1pm. The children are really enjoying this new learning and it is very exciting to watch a new routine beginning to come together. Many, many thanks to both Muritere and Keenan for giving us their time and expertise so willingly.

About Simon McGowan

Hello everyone. I am the new Principal at Opua School and am delighted to be so. I arrived in New Zealand in 1999, after teaching in the UK for 13 years, and very soon became the Deputy Principal at Bay of Islands College. I finished there at the end of 2012 after being appointed as the Principal of the best little school in the universe. I feel so privileged and very excited.
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