Welcome back to new playground facilities!

I hope everyone had a very pleasant holiday. We are straight back into it and this is already panning out to be a very busy term with lots of varied learning experiences and activities planned for. Enjoy! Of particular interest to the children [and many of the adults!] are the three new additions to our playground facilities and the improvements to existing structures. We have:

  1. A new, more interesting enclosed slide on the original playground to replace the one that was splitting.
  2. A new rock climbing wall. This will have a cargo net also appear very soon on the other side.
  3. Freshly treated and painted metal components throughout this playground. These were dismantled and taken to Whangarei for this work to be done – thank you so much to Ben, Helen and Denny. MOST appreciated.
  4. And…the biggest new attraction…The Great Opua Slide down the side of Room 2! This is in position but not yet ready for use. We have to complete the entry and exit areas [approximately a week’s worth of work] and we will then have a grand opening for the children.

We have more ideas for expansion planned. Watch this space…!

Thank you very much to all the PTA and supporters of the school who have contributed in the last three years to get us to this point. The children – always central to what we do – are very, very excited and happy.

About Simon McGowan

Hello everyone. I am the new Principal at Opua School and am delighted to be so. I arrived in New Zealand in 1999, after teaching in the UK for 13 years, and very soon became the Deputy Principal at Bay of Islands College. I finished there at the end of 2012 after being appointed as the Principal of the best little school in the universe. I feel so privileged and very excited.
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